Conversations with Interesting Theist

So recently I ran into a blog by Knight’s Christian.

First of, his title alone is confrontational. Instead of stating, perhaps that Neo Pagans are wrong, or disillusioned or the many other descriptions he could have used, he goes straight for ad homein. One poster (nicely) tried to debate a point with him and all he does is attack her. One I jumped into the fray, using the abusive style, he felt the need to email directly and not put it up on his site. Here is the comment I posted to his site:

I will point out something wrong about you. You sir, are intellectually honest. You throw about big words like logical fallicies and then go and commit the same fallicies. Lol. Let’s use one of your little snippets to show what an insidious cur you really are. Since you like ad homiens, this should be right up your ally.
You stated, “My obvious point was: FIRST OR SECOND OR THIRD do not determine what is true,”. You have a point here. So let’s start at the beginning. What makes Xianity correct or true? Whether is wast “first, second or third”? Let’s start there moron. Also, when you respond, please use certain grammatical tools; sentence structure, punctuation and proper grammer. Thank youHere is a copy of our emails.

First Email to my comment (which can be seen in the above link)

Daniel Knight
Sep 4 (2 days ago)

to me

being honest is wrong? ur insane, there’s something wrong with you, and calling me a moron when i’ve made some of the only breakthroughs in informal logic today, and helped give a clearer understanding of the meaning of truth, and one of the most effective opponents of mainstream scientology today, besides the heavy hitters like icr and aig, makes u a very arrogant wrong dumb idiot. also your arguing against something that is obviously true, how dumb does that make u? someone points out an error, i point out in addition the fallacies, and then u, some moron from no where, an obvious hack, who knows little about informal logic, says, please use correct grammar and spelling and punctuation u moron.”

shut up pest. ignored for being an arrogant moron, and a really dumb one. how am i a moron from what my about me on facebook and journal say? what an oblivious demonic idiot. u r completely ignored, just like uve done with my clearly good accomplishments.

Daniel Knight
Sep 4 (2 days ago)

to me

14:06:06 — Not given
14:05:17 — Not given
13:54:39 — Not given
Boooooo. Barely looked at my journal then starts arrogantly mocking, boooooooo, called me a moron without any justification, didn’t even check my bios, booooooo, didn’t show any appreciation for the links all over my journal linking to articles ive written that are clearly factual and meaningful beyond most of the babble spouted in life, boooooooo. May God save you before u end up in Hell, fault-finder thankless horse with blinders on tunnel vision Nelson.

At this point I commented on his blog again, posting his emails and wondering why he doesn’t answer my points. His comment is:

Daniel Knight
3:01 PM (1 hour ago)

to me

“Obviously you could not answer me here. Is it because you are afraid of what people might think. Let’s discuss your emails to me.” was all I read.

The Bible says to avoid arguments of ignorance, as someone who knows logical fallacies well and wrote a book on them and corrected the mistakes of others, there’s no way you could match me, especially as someone who denies Truth, God. If you can’t stand to read a Christian site on logical fallacies, try an atheist one like nikzor. Goodbye stubborn math student.

My response
Nelson Hernandez
4:02 PM (10 minutes ago)

to Daniel

Well Daniel,

There is a reason why I did not have to review your bio etc. My comment was directed towards the blog that I commented on. Now, if you wan’t me to view the rest of your “good” work and refute and rebutt, I can do that. Funny thing is you did not even have the honesty to post my comment. I have the blinders on, yet all it seems like you did on the blog I commented on was use personal attacks. That is why you are intellectually dishonest and called a moron. Funny how theist whine and complain when the roles are switched. Oh and I will be posting these emails on my blogs and your original blog so that others can judge for themselves. You make assertions without any thing to back them up. All you do is “beg the question” and use other logical fallicies. I am to respect that? Lol, no.

You lost me at ICR. How many times has the trash thet they spewed been debunked and shown as nothing more than wishful creationist nonsense. What I find even funnier is that you did not have the fortitude to post your response to me via your blog. Only via email. Feeling like someone who understands the topic might have you beat at your own game?

What do you think? Would love to hear anyone’s thoughts on the subject.

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